hom·ie /ˈhōmē/


an acquaintance from one's town or neighborhood, or a member of one's peer group. The status of "homie" is similar to "my best friend" or "someone I can trust".


Our Mission

Best Homies Bakes Organic Grain-Free treats for dogs right here in the United States of America.

Homies Treats are always Organic, Grain-Free, Dairy Free, Free of by-products and we never add fillers. Your dog will love our many flavors: Peanut Butter, Banana Peanut Butter, Pumpkin Peanut Butter, Apple Peanut Butter & Apple Pie.



• Dog treats in most stores do not offer premium options for pet parents who want to avoid allergens or ingredients that are harmful to dogs

•“Grain-Free” & “Single ingredient” are the two most common requests from the premium pet parent market, and for the first time, Best Homies is bringing a 100% Organic Grain-Free crunchy dog treat and single ingredient jerky offerings to grocery.



We also make Chicken, Turkey, and Beef Single Protein Jerky with no preservatives or fillers.

We all want only the finest for our best friends and we do our best to bring you the highest possible quality treats for your Best Homies.